“Through the Looking Glass “- Crystal Ball Readings with Sige. & Producer Iggy present!


The Rev. Gary C. Herron also known as “Sige” is a Shaman Witch with over 35 years of experience in the occult, metaphysical and shamanic fields.  Sige invites you to a take a journey with him through the looking glass and explore the world of spiritual counseling and as a clairvoyant with his tarot cards and crystal ball; he will interpret the messages that spirit has for you.   So sit back and come with him and explore the Crystal ball…

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The Gypsy Wagon Hour with Dawn of New Era… & Producer Iggy present!

“The Gypsy Wagon “with your host Dawn Thompson from Dawn of New Era. 

Dawn will take us on her mystical gypsy wagon, teaching the path of self-love and tools for self-nurturing and the ability to connect the mind to the body and utilize both for healing and making decisions.

Many of Dawn’s gifts included intuitive, healing facilitator, channel of spirit guides and ascended masters

– Empathic – Medium.

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Nemenhah Radio

Since its inception in 2002, Nemenhah ITO has worked tirelessly to restore indigenous Ancestral Wisdom, Ethics, and True Holism to a suffering Earth ravaged by the unmitigated industrial commercialization and consumerist reductionism of the Western World.  Peeling back the layers of cunning corporate marketing to expose deceit and cleverly fabricated faddish representations that mislead seekers and advocates of natural health, our Pehli (ministers) strive each and every day to bring real answers about health – in every form- to the front lines.  We Nemenhah are the Vanguard for the restoration of the Sacred in Natural Healing! We invite you to Walk and Talk Sacred with Us!

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