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post with Rosa Bell on Quantum-Touch & LifeLine Technique | 12/22/2008

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Animal Guide Meditation Using the Ceremonial Bundle | Aired 12/07/2008

Ignacio Garcia was born in Peru and moved to the United States at an early age. His parents were pursuing the American dream and now, Iggy, as his friends call him, has realized his family’s goal and is a successful businessman. Iggy is also a member of the Nemenhah Band and the NAC (Native American Traditional Organization). He is a Shahaptian Guide Medicine Man and a Itsipi leader of a local sweat lodge. He practices and teaches dream healing, remote healing, body energy work, Incan meditation and open chair Gestalt. He leads groups of curiosity seekers to Machu Picchu, Peru each year. He is given the name “Hoop Watcher”. In this presentation, Hoop Watcher gives a detailed explanation of Native American’s religious beliefs, specifically the Nemenhah Band. He completes this with an exercise in drumming, explaining the bundle ceremony, using the ceremonial pipe and an animal guided meditation. If you have an interest in Native American culture, you will find this fascinating presentation well worth your time.