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Mark The Rabbit Hole Radio Show

Please join me on Thursday, September 1st at 7 p.m. E.S.T. for a special Political episode.In an effort to give air time to all the political parties I will have Christopher Russo of The Elder Party talking to us about his parties representative Cthulhu.

Meet Cthulhu

I have always been here. When your world was young I arrived and strode across the steaming rock.

But that does not interest you. For you, the question is am I an illegal alien, or worse, am I Canadian? You could say I have been on Americans’ minds since our nation’s birth.

I am quintessentially American. I’ve established residence all across the nation.

But as America soured, the pain and violence drew me forth. The brutality of empire was the key to circumventing a bad case of narcolepsy. I needed more than scattered cultists in remote areas. I needed the screams and dreams of millions who styled themselves the apex of primate civilization. And so I began my career in politics.

Unfortunately, you ape-things insist on voting for the middling or lesser evil!

It is time for the humans of the United States of America to choose the Best Evil to lead them toward their destiny.