Iggy, David & Adriana  – Holistic/Metaphysical forum & Intuitive Readings

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Iggy Garcia, David Two Crows & Adriana Arts – Holistic/Metaphysical forum & Intuitive Readings

Every Monday I hold an open forum session with my good friends David Two Crows & Adriana Arts.  We invite others in the holistic and metaphysical community worldwide to join us. The first part of the show, (once a month), we invite a well known and up and coming friend(s) in our community for an interview. 

Listen in and explore a variety topics from holistic, metaphysical, alternative healing modalities and about their insights they have to share with us all. 

The second half of our show we open the phones lines and give popcorn intuitive readings from the universe and beyond.  All we ask is that you only ask one question for time’s sake and so we can give everyone a reading.

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