SusanSpirit is reminding you that you need to have firm boundaries set in place. Other’s will treat you as you have allowed them to treat you. You cannot worry with what other’s may think of you when you are truly taking care of you and your wellbeing first. When you have set boundaries for yourself, you have set into motion what you will tolerate or no longer tolerate from other’s. It is okay to look after you first. You, come before anyone else, as anyone else is not you. YOU are unique in this human existance. You cannot care for you in a healthy way if you do not have clear, healthy boundaries for yourself. Without boundaries, you are setting yourself up for unhealthiness within. Love yourself enough to stand up for yourself. Say no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes. Do not let fear take over you, speak up for what is right or not right for you, always. Love you first and foremost and other’s will adjust and fall in line or fall away. Either is okay. Let it be what it will be. However, do not get boundaries and selfishness confused. You will be, okay. You are backed, by Spirit.

Daily Spirit Messages