If you’re on a spiritual journey of any kind, I’m sure you’ve run across a few “spiritual narcissists.” 

Who are they?

These are the spiritual teachers/leaders that think they know it all. It’s their way only and anytime you express your beliefs they’ll try to make you see and believe their beliefs as if they’re somehow superior to yours or anyone else’s. They may even put YOU down for not believing their “way.”

The spiritual narcissist wants control just as a regular narcissist does. These types are severely closed-minded as they cannot see anyone else’s beliefs as something that might work or be true. This is a result of fear within themselves still and not being able to control their own environment. They need to control to feel safe.

The only truth is that there is no right or wrong in anything. It is whatever works for you as an individual at the time you need it. To each is own! That, is the only thing that makes sense, as we are all on a different path even though in the spiritual world, we are all as one.

These types will preach, “We are all one”, yet turn around and judge someone or something. They may even bully you, put you down in judgement, even making you feel dumb, for your beliefs.

The spiritual narcissist is nothing more than a manipulator, trying to control everyone and everything around them to see that their way is the only way – the “right” way.

A true spiritual teacher/leader, does not bash, bully, or judge another’s beliefs as they have learned that to be all one, then we need to have empathy and understanding that it all leads to the same thing in a basic sense.

This person will live what they preach/teach. Their work and way of life will show their true colors. True spiritual people know what it is said to love and will show that, their actions will speak louder than just their words.

A true spiritual person can see both sides of a coin and know that they’re both okay. The spiritual narcissist will only see one side of the same coin and try to hide the other side from your sight.

A true spiritual person who is in check within, can only help you in a way by sharing what they may have experienced and how that led them to believe the way they do. In this, it may trigger you to awaken and do the same, but don’t get hung up on someone else’s way, stay true to your own.

If any spiritual teacher/leader discredits your belief system, BEWARE!

Nothing should be discredited! We may be “all one” yet we are so very “different” – and that alone should be beautiful and okay.

Here are 12 ways to recognize a spiritual narcissist:

1. When you speak of your belief system-they immediately discredit this and try to sway you to their beliefs.

2. They will put you down, laugh at you, or even downright bully you, for not seeing things their way as the correct way.

3. They are still judging you, other’s, or other belief systems.

4. They get very mad or upset with you when you question or go against what they believe as truth.

5. When you try to discuss, they are always preoccupied with themselves.

6. They are never wrong.

7. They cannot handle any criticism.

8. They think they have more abilities than you do.

9. They are very competitive with other spiritual teachers/leaders and will talk bad about them.

10. They try to make you think you are stupid/unknowledgeable. (this is manipulation)

11. They get mad at you for seeking out other spiritual teachers/leaders.

12. They seem detached from their own emotions.

There is no “my way or the highway”, “supreme knowledge”, “this way”, or “that way”, to be right.

Any and every way is what’s right, for the individual.

Narcissist are energy “vampires”. You may run into quite a few out there in the vast “spiritual” communities. They feed off of your weakness, your newly awakening self. You are fresh blood…

They love an empath, as many awakened people are one, like a fly to a fresh pile of crap. (Sorry, it’s true.) The beginner is where they feed and thrive initially. Just beware!

These people will take much pride in how many followers they have as well and even boast about it.

The spiritual journey is very much a healing journey. But you can truly only heal yourself when you are ready, in your own way. It could be that another’s truth’s or experiences trigger you to start your own awakening but don’t lose yourself to their journey, stay on your course.

Everyone of us have abilities-some more than other’s yes-but everyone has the ability to go as far with their healing as they choose for themselves-in their own timing. This, should be okay.

The reason you become enlightened is not because of someone else. It is because your soul said it was time. You are the only one responsible for your awakening/healing/enlightenment. If a spiritual teacher/leader makes you think it was because of them, you are most likely dealing with a spiritual narcissist. If anyone tries to “dumb your belief’s down”, run and run fast in the opposite direction as to not get caught in their web.

Most spiritually awakened people find themselves to be empathic. Think of an empath as a sponge and the spiritual narcissist as water. What happens when a sponge is immersed with water? It gets weighed down. It can’t even wring itself out, it has to wait for the water to evaporate on its own. Don’t be the sponge..

Create boundaries and stick to them so that you don’t become weighed down by someone unhealthy.

Spiritual narcissist are no dummies (however very weak inside), they are in fact very smart people, after all, it takes a lot of thinking and brain power to have control over other’s and sway other’s under their spell. Manipulation takes brains, not emotions.

We are all students here so it really doesn’t matter your level of knowledge, you just need to do your own research as to what feels right to and for you. The “spiritual” world is very much this physical world as we are here experiencing, together. So, question everything and everyone if something doesn’t feel right to or for you.

Do not however question your gut instincts. These are very seldom wrong.

Question those that bash your beliefs. It’s one thing to converse with other’s that believe differently, but when bashing or judging occurs, it has turned to something else that is in fact not spiritual ar all..

Beliefs are said to be nothing more than lie’s anyway. (beLIEfs).

But I’d rather believe in something than absolutely nothing all day long.

It is not in my belief that any of us are here to hurt another or compete with another. If someone wants to compete, walk away instead of feeding into their fear, because competition is nothing but fear. There is an ample amount of whatever we need to go around to all in this giant Universe.

I just hope your spiritual journey is a great one albeit most likely not easy..

Don’t let anyone dumb you down for your beliefs. If whatever you’re believing is working for you then have at it and don’t stop believing!

The best truth that I can think of at this moment is that none of us have a real clue (we don’t know crap!), but if it’s working for you then stick with that. With that said… Carry on.

( I secretly hope you’re listening to these songs and listening to the lyrics, lol.)

Also, upon your spiritual awakening journey, you may find yourself telling everyone you know about your new found awakening/beliefs. You might even have a glow about you like a freshly pregnant woman. This is all okay, as long as you don’t think it’s the ONLY way, if so, you may have just become a spiritual narcissist yourself.


You may find that your old ways or life that you were leading just doesn’t suffice any longer. Maybe because that was the old you that your soul has been trying to shake free all along. But you just kept hanging on.. It’s okay, stay or break free, do as you have to do to free your soul and make it happy.


(I’m still cracking up laughing at this video..LOL) However, there will always be a small part of that old you that will always be by your side like a shadow. Awakening is learning how to deal with and handle the new you and your shadow, at the same time. For all we really are is, “Dust in the WInd”.. (Song by Kansas).


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to “Pour Some Sugar On me”, ((YES!! Another damn song…) (Def Leppard rocks!!) because part of this whole journey is about learning to love yourself! I love you as well!

I just pray your spiritual journey is a peaceful one!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born,
and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

Much LOVE!

Susan Nicole Wright



Susan Nicole Wright is a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Life Path/Empowerment Coach, as well as Reiki Master Teacher. She has been gifted and in touch with the spirit world since early childhood which has led to her 40+ years of experience. Blessed with this gift from God, allows her to assist others with the process of healing, by connecting them with their friends/loved ones that are on the “Other Side”.  Susan has read for people from all over the globe, including prominent business people and celebrities!

You can learn more about Susan from her  WEBSITE.