DTCThese are the days prophesied by many different cultures, whether it is called the Apocalypse, the Revelation, The End Times, The Generation of the Rainbow Warriors, the Blue Star Prophecy. The fact that it doesn’t look like many people thought has made it slip under our everyday awareness. But we are in the process of experiencing the shaking up of our old patterns of life, old power structures are exposed for the oppression and injustice they have been built upon. We are waking up to our own reality, and many of us don’t like what we see. What used to be so many shades of grey has become pretty black and white. What is light and what is dark are being separated out, and it is becoming clear which side we are standing on. The light and dark within us is becoming apparent, in fact this whole global revelation is the result of a higher metaphysical shifting that we have referred to as the Age of Aquarius, moving out of the Age of Pisces and with it comes the ending of a time of giving away our power to others and returning it to our selves. It is also a time when some of us are fulfilling our karmic obligations faster, and so both young and older people in our lives are transitioning out. They are not gone, they have moved on to a larger reality and in some cases are now spirit guides and assistants for those of us still remaining. Some of us have chosen to be here at this important transitional time in human history, but this is an age that is challenging us in ways we knew before our birth but may be surprising in our current incarnation. Stay cool, stay calm, stay connected both to Source and to one another, those who do not vibrate at the same frequency as you will fall away from your life, and this may cause some trouble and turmoil in your mind and heart and you struggle to understand why. We are not living the same lives as our parents, this is not the same world as it was fifty or one hundred years ago, although there are those in power and in our personal lives who will try to march us backwards or hold us in the same old containers. They are afraid of losing control, afraid of change and afraid of the new wide-open future we are here to usher in. You will be more at peace with all this if you understand that this is the Great Change, and trying to grasp onto external things or old ways of living are to no avail. Things of this world are passing away, and what is to come is on our inner and outer horizons. We have some important contributions to make, some more sacrifices and some more empowerment as our hidden gifts are activated. I believe in you and I believe in me, and we will be the standard-bearers of Peace, Hope and Love throughout this epic epoch of change.