My name is Hayden. As I grew up and moved into high school, I thought about the world and existence and wondered if there was a way to end suffering. During my senior year, I read the Bhagavad Gita, which began a quest for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Now ten years later, that quest still continues. I have explored a variety of different paths including martial arts, yoga, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Shamanism. In my search, I also went through some pretty challenging experiences including anxiety, depression, psychosis, and drug-induced altered states. All of these different paths and exploration have contributed to how I view the world and where I am today. My goal is to continue down a self-healing path, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and to share my experiences and growth with others so that they too can find ways to heal and grow. If you wish to hear about some of my experiences and insights you can check out my YouTube channel, Informal Inquiry. I will also be doing different events and productions with Iggy Garcia, so stay tuned!