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“The Lions Lair” with your host Adriana Arts & Iggy Garcia…

Adriana welcomes you to step into the lion’s lair, and go on a mystical journey to explore your curiosity, the paranormal, angels, spirits and orbs.  She will share with you real life experiences and she invites you to do the same.  The lair is a safe place to recharge, relax and to be ourselves.

On this episode join Adriana Arts and guest Jost Van Dyke

Jost van Dyke is no stranger to the other-worldy realm. Prior to Jost’s birth, his parents had an ET close encounter of the second kind in the mid-50s. Subsequently, Jost was born Easter Sunday at dawn on the 11:11 Aries:Libra axis. At the age of 5, Jost had his first of many out of body experiences and interdimensional/angelic visitations.

In addition to being a concert pianist, Jost is a nationally-exhibited fine art photographer, an intuitive life coach and astrologer, writer and co-owner of a Pilates studio. Jost has pursued several other professional venues, as well, that include being an Associate Editor in the corporate music publishing industry and artist-in-residence at a city college while he lived in Manhattan during the 80s and 90s. He has been a newspaper food columnist, photojournalist, sous chef and big events coordinator.

More info: JostVanDyke.guru