If you have planets between 26 Pisces and 3 Aries or were born in mid 1966- spring 1967 you should read this.

The last couple years I have talked about an awakening period for the Generation X clan. I consider these to be the people born in the 1960’s and I focused in many of my classes and radio shows on those born between 1965-68 with the tight Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in their natal charts [ around the 18-24 Virgo range]. I have talked at length about how late 2015 through late 2016 this group would get a trine from transiting Pluto in Capricorn as well as conjunctions from transiting Jupiter in Virgo as well as the North Node in Virgo during this period with the highlight being the summer of 2016.

Many that I know in this group have been given the wake-up call if you will. Upon further study of my own chart and those of others, I ran across another time period of interest that is a few years down the road. Those born in mid-1966 through the spring of 1967 will also have Saturn in the late degrees of Pisces through the early degrees of Aries. This article will apply to those people as well as in some degree to anyone with planets in the last few degrees of Pisces through the first few degrees of Aries..let’s call it 26 Pisces through 3 Aries.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and signifies the wrapping up or completion or letting go of old things while Aries is the beginning of the new year [ if you use the correct calendar] and signifies new birth and new beginnings. Every year during February through April the inner planets will always move through these 2 signs and some years some of the outer planets will be there also. This is a changing over the period..there are deaths and births and a changing of the guard if you will.

If you were born in mid-1966 through early 1967 your natal Saturn will be in the last few degrees of Pisces or the first few degrees of Aries. Old soul vs new soul, death vs. rebirth, old vs. young, the crossover point where the zodiac ends and then begins again.

Just so you know where I am coming from I have Sun at 29 Pisces and Saturn at 02 Aries so I have a vested interest in this. In looking at my chart a few years down the road I noticed a very key time period for myself as well as anyone with planets in those late Pisces/ early Aries degrees. The period I am looking at is the period from about April 2024 – February 2026. I can’t tell you everything that will happen at this point but forewarned is forearmed..or something like that.

As you may know when planets station the energy of that planet is much more powerful than normal. If that planet happens to station on one of your planets than even more so. So I’m going to run down a little timeline of that period for you just so you know what’s up.

First I want to briefly go over a couple of the key players here. Saturn, Neptune and the Nodes. Saturn is rules, structure, disciple, the great auditor. Saturn shows us limitations and helps us see what needs to be fixed. Saturn is also structured and it is also the structure of consciousness. I have found that many people will often show their Saturn sign as much as their Sun sign.. why?.. because that is how they structure their reality. I have Saturn in Aries…I often structure and confront my reality from an Aries point of view.

Neptune is the subconscious, intuition, the mystical, spiritual, paranormal part of our brain. Neptune rules all the weird stuff that we can’t put our finger as well as the non3d part of our reality.

The North Node is the future or the energy we need to embrace to go forward. The North Node is like watching a movie preview..you don’t always get the whole movie at that time but you get to see enough to form an idea what you may like or if you would care to see that movies.

The South Node is past karma, things being worked on from previous lives and people and/or issues that we can draw upon for help but in the long term will hinder our growth.

If you follow the chakras Saturn is the 1st Chakra, Mars is the 3rd Chakra and Neptune is the co-ruler of the 2nd chakra [ although there seems to be some discussion about this].

If you have kept a journal you may want to look back at these time periods to get a bit of the flavor that’s coming:

May-July 2006. The North Node was between 3 Aries- 26 Pisces during this period.

July- December 2015 The South Node was between 3 Aries- 26 Pisces during this period.

March 1996- Jan. 1997 Saturn was between 26 Pisces- 3 Aries during this period.

Currently, Saturn is in late Sag so it is at the last square before it hits the place it will be in the period of 2024-2025 that I mentioned above. Many things that are started now will hit the next phase then when Saturn is square to the position it is in now. Saturn takes roughly 28 years to go through the zodiac so every 7 years it squares where it was 7 years before.

Also as a point of reference note that most of the planets make stations, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto make stations twice a year normally…once going retrograde and then another going direct. Mercury goes retro 3 or 4 times a year so it makes 6 -8 stations a year. Venus goes retro every 18 months so it stations twice every other year. Point being… planets do not station that often and the out planets are usually far apart and not near the same degrees so it is a big event when multiple outer planets and/or Nodes converge at a certain point..it IS telling us something.

If you do not know where 26 Pisces-3 Aries falls in your chart I would find out in the next couple years.

Ok, enough of that here’s the lineup you will be getting between April 2024- December 2025 I’m going to use the dates when things hit 29 Pisces since that is kind of the mid-degree of the degrees we are talking about as well as it being the last degree of the Zodiac. I have also included the dates when planets station near these degrees in this period.

4/30/24 Mars is at 29 Pisces – Mars is activation.

6/24/24 Neptune is at 29 pisces – Neptune is intuition

7/1/24 Neptune stations Rx 29 pieces –

12/3/24 North Node hits 3 Aries moving backward- the North Node is future

12/6/24 Neptune station direct 27 pisces –

1/11/25 North Node hits 29 Pisces

3/3/25 Neptune hits 29 Pisces going direct

5/13/25 Saturn hits 29 Pisces- Saturn is structures

5/25/25 Saturn enters Aries

Saturn, Neptune and the North Node are all conjuncts during this time in the late degrees of Pisces

7/3/25 Neptune station retrograde 2 Aries

7/12/25 Saturn stations retrograde at 1 Aries

9/1/25 Saturn re-enters Pisces at 29 degrees

11/28/25 Saturn goes directly at 25 Pisces

12/9/25 Neptune stations direct at 29 Pisces

1/26/26 Neptune enters Aries

2/04/26 Saturn hits 29 Pisces

2/14/26 Saturn enters Aries

Saturn hits 3 degrees Aries in March while Neptune stations twice more near this point later in 2026.

Suffice to say any planets or wherever you have these degrees in your chart will be completely changed during this time. If you have anything at exactly 29 Pisces you will get 3 direct hits from both Saturn and Neptune while having a conjunction from the transiting North Node. This will be a game changer to the 10th exponent.

Also, note that Pluto will make its first movement into Aquarius in March of 2023. Starting in late September of 2025 Jupiter will be in the 20 degrees of Cancer which will be forming a trine to the Saturn, Neptune and North Node placements in Pisces.

What does it all mean? Too many variables but I would start focusing now on this area of your chart and start putting things into place now..this could be the big payoff if you are prepared. What I can guarantee is lots of changes and this will be a once in a lifetime combination of transits.


Iggy Garcia

shamanIggyIggy Hoop Watcher Garcia is a Native of Peru South America and has been taught in the sacred ways and arts of Peruvian Shamanism, and also walks the red road with The Native American Church of Nemenhah and is recognized as a Medicine Man, Minister, Chief and elder.   Iggy is also a spiritual leader in his community in Columbus, Ohio.  He is also a writer, entrepreneur, radio host and is the editor & producer for www.withinsightsradio.com and hosts a weekly internet radio show for last 10 years.

Iggy Hoop Watcher Garcia is Chief of Public Relations for the Nemenhah and is a Holistic and metaphysical Practitioner and is a member of the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization (NAC) is certified and in good standing of the affore said Native American Church and are Shahaptian Guide Medicine Man.   And as such is authorized to perform all the ordinances pertaining to their calling, including the use of Plants, Animals, Stones, Feathers, and so forth in rites and ceremonies which do pertain to the Tents of the Scared Shahaptian Healing way as restored to the Nemenhah by Wyakin and as set forth in the constitution of the Nemenhah. We are members of Condor Eagle Chapter House in Columbus, Ohio. Great Lakes, Chief of Tiwehkthihmpt of Itsipi Society, Intuitive Mentoring, Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Remote Healing, Body Energy Work, Inca Meditation, and Open Chair Gestalt and other modalities.

Our site is full of resources to help you to navigate life’s many journeys. First we must try to understand and strive to find the power in ourselves to heal.  Past traumas, have away of holding us back from living life to its fullest.  We must try to understand that one can not do it alone.  We must strive to learn and live in the moment given to us by our Creator.  It’s my belief, that we all have something to share and give to the world and the universe.

To determine and achieve personal goals, I will coach and walk with you on your sacred path.  As Intuitive coach and medicine man, minister and the ways of Peruvian Shamanism, I will use a variety of methods, tailored for you through holistic and metaphysical approaches.  Intuitive Mentoring and Peruvian shamanism is not targeted at psychological illness, and Intuitive Mentors and shamans and medicine works are not therapist (although therapist may become mentors, misters, medicine man/woman and learn shamanism).

Iggy uses many forms of modalities to help you heal yourself.
All healing is self healing.

Prayer, Ho’OPonoPono, Intuitive Mentoring, Intuitive Business Mentoring, Body Energy Work, Open Chair Gestalt, Meditation, Remote Healing.  My main work is done with Peruvian Shamanism, Native American ceremonies (Nemenhah Medicine Wheel), Central and South American healing methods. Itsipi (Sweat Ceremony), Dancing with Energy, Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Inca guided Meditation, Animal guided Meditations, Bundle Ceremony and pipe Ceremony, Sacred Walk, Vortex, sound healing, fire ceremony, water ceremony and much more…

There are many mysteries in the Universe that have been hidden from us and lost over time.  Over the centuries the scared arts were passed down from generation to generation.   As we, evolved as a society we have left behind and forgotten the things that kept us healthy and the ways of our ancestors and other native & Indigenous People of the World.  The Earth mother has an answer for all that ails us, mentally, physical and spiritually.

It’s time for all of us to reclaim our birthright from the Universe!  We must bring back the old traditions of the Sacred Medicine Wheel of life from our ancestors and teach others how to heal themselves through all forms of healing modalities. Sky Father, Mother Earth the four corners of life (north, south, east and west) and All my relations.

We are more than just flesh and blood we are energy, we are life force and we are the masters of our lives past, present and future.   As Intuitive Mentor and Native American Practitioner and Medicine Man/woman, I will Journey with you to find that safe place to help you discover, re-discover and uncover how to teach yourself to heal yourself and take back your life through the power of the Sacred Medicine Wheel and much more!

Iggy Garcia

If you would like to request a lecture or ceremony in your area, contact Chief Hoop Watcher at iggygarcia@gmail.com According to Indigenous customs, Chief Hoop Watcher does not charge a fee for his medicine work and ceremonies, but according to the law of reciprocity money donations are usually offered in lieu of a fee for his work. (He should also be given financial assistance for his travel and accommodations when traveling out of his home town).

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Brian Wilkes

Brian Wilkes http://www.tuscanyglobal.com/

Brian Wilkes

As a news anchor and talk show host, Brian Wilkes became nationally known for his coverage of the space program and of celebrities. He later became known for his work to teach and preserve the Cherokee language and culture, including the complex and symbolic traditional Calendar. As a business and personal consultant/coach he has leveraged his media experience to develop an international clientele. His humanitarian work has brought awards including six knighthoods. Wilkes currently resides in southern Illinois, where his writing topics include home business, Native American culture, and complementary healing.






Jonathan Wellamotkin Landis

Jonathan Wellamotkin Landis Nemenhah.org

Jonathan Wellamotkin Landis

My personal journey has led me through many fields of sacred healing and restoration, all of which I humbly offer to those in need of a very “down-to-earth,” indigenous approach to the improvement (and reclamation) of Sacred Life, Health and Emergence in Oneself, one’s Family, one’s Community, one’s Society and the Earth.

I look forward to sharing your Sacred Walk!

Certified Minister and Medicine Man of the Sahaptan Healing Way (Nemenhah ITO)
Chief Custodian – Ehlahts Kohwaht Indigenous Healing Discipline




SusanSpirit is reminding you that you need to have firm boundaries set in place. Other’s will treat you as you have allowed them to treat you. You cannot worry with what other’s may think of you when you are truly taking care of you and your wellbeing first. When you have set boundaries for yourself, you have set into motion what you will tolerate or no longer tolerate from other’s. It is okay to look after you first. You, come before anyone else, as anyone else is not you. YOU are unique in this human existance. You cannot care for you in a healthy way if you do not have clear, healthy boundaries for yourself. Without boundaries, you are setting yourself up for unhealthiness within. Love yourself enough to stand up for yourself. Say no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes. Do not let fear take over you, speak up for what is right or not right for you, always. Love you first and foremost and other’s will adjust and fall in line or fall away. Either is okay. Let it be what it will be. However, do not get boundaries and selfishness confused. You will be, okay. You are backed, by Spirit.

Daily Spirit Messages


The Power of Peppermint: 21 Health Benefits Revealed.

Peppermint1By Dr. Mercola

As we approach the season of candy canes and peppermints, it’s a perfect time to pay homage to the medicinal herb that gives these winter treats their flavor: peppermint.

Far from just a flavoring for candies, the therapeutic effects of fresh peppermint leaves and peppermint essential oil have been known since ancient times, and its aromatic aroma has come to symbolize hospitality in many cultures. According to GreenMedInfo:1

“Dried peppermint leaves have even been found in several Egyptian pyramids carbon dating back to 1,000 BC.”

Today, modern research has continued to prove what these ancient cultures already know, which is that peppermint is one of nature’s most valuable herbal remedies.

21 Health Benefits of Peppermint

Why might you want to add peppermint to your natural medicine chest? Here are 21 valuable uses for this therapeutic plant.2

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Peppermint oil capsules have been described as “the drug of first choice” in IBS patients,3 as it safely helps alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. Research has shown that it is effective in children and adults alike, with one study showing a 50 percent reduction in “total irritable bowel syndrome score” among 75 percent of patients who tried it.4

2. Colonic Spasm and Gas

Peppermint oil is an effective alternative to drugs like Buscopan for reducing colonic spasms.5 It may also relax the muscles of your intestines, allowing gas to pass and easing abdominal pain. Try peppermint oil or leaves added to tea for gas relief.

3. Gastric Emptying Disorders

In people with functional gastrointestinal disorders, peppermint may be useful to enhance gastric emptying.6

4. Functional Dyspepsia (Upset Stomach and Indigestion)

Supplementing with 90 milligrams (mg) of peppermint oil, along with caraway oil, “much or very much improved” symptoms of functional dyspepsia in 67 percent of patients.7 If you have an upset stomach, try drinking a small glass of water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil added.

5. Infantile Colic

Peppermint is at least as effective as simethicone in the treatment of colic in infants.8

6. Breastfeeding-Associated Nipple Pain and Damage

Peppermint water helped to prevent nipple cracks and pain in breastfeeding mothers.9

7. Tuberculosis

Inhaled essential oil of peppermint helped to rapidly regress tuberculosis inflammation, with researchers suggesting it may help prevent recurrences and exacerbation of the disease.10

8. Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

Extracts from peppermint leaves may inhibit histamine release, which suggests it may help alleviate hay fever symptoms.11

9. Shingles-Associated Pain

A topical treatment of peppermint oil resulted in near-immediate improvement in shingles-associated pain, with the results lasting for two months of follow-up treatment.12

10. Memory Problems

The aroma of peppermint has been shown to enhance memory and increase alertness.13

11. Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea

Peppermint oil effectively reduces chemotherapy-induced nausea, and at a reduced cost compared to standard drug-based treatments.14

12. Prostate Cancer

Peppermint contains menthol, which may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer.15

13. Radiation Damage

Peppermint may protect against DNA damage and cell death caused by radiation exposure.16

14. Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Peppermint has been shown to help inhibit drug-resistant herpes simplex virus type 1.17

15. Dental Cavities and Bad Breath

Peppermint oil extract has been shown to be superior to the mouthwash chemical chlorhexidine in inhibiting the formation of biofilm formations linked to dental cavities.18 Powdered peppermint leaves have also been used historically to freshen breath and whiten teeth; you can even add a drop or two directly to your toothpaste.

16. Respiratory Benefits

Peppermint oil acts as an expectorant and decongestant, and may help clear your respiratory tract. Use peppermint essential oil as a cold rub on your chest or inhale it through a vaporizer to help clear nasal congestion and relieve cough and cold symptoms.

17. Headaches

Peppermint oil may help relieve tension headache pain. For headache pain, try dabbing a few drops on your wrist or sprinkling a few drops on a cloth, then inhaling the aroma. You can also massage the oil directly onto your temples and forehead.

18. Stress

Peppermint oil is cooling and energizing. Add a few drops to your bath, or dap a few drops directly on your body then get into the tub, for near-instant stress relief. You can also put the oil into a burner for a stress-relieving aroma.

19. Hair and Skin

Try blending peppermint oil into your massage oil, shampoo, bodywash or body lotion. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can help cool your skin and remove dandruff (and lice) from your scalp.

20. Asthma

Peppermint contains rosmarinic acid (also found in rosemary), which may help to reduce inflammation-causing chemicals in people with asthma.

21. Muscle Pain

Peppermint may help to relieve muscle spasms and pain. Try massaging its essential oil onto sore muscles or adding it to your bath water for muscle pain relief.

Peppermint 101: A Quick History and How to Use It

Peppermint comes from the mint plant (there are about 25 different species of mint), and is actually a natural hybrid cross between water mint and spearmint. In addition to its medicinal properties, mint leaves were rubbed on tables to welcome guests in Greece, and mint tea is still customarily offered to arriving guests in the Middle East.19

When selecting peppermint for your own use, the fresh leaves will impart a superior flavor to dried leaves (such as for use in tea). Look for fresh leaves that are green in color without any dark spots or yellowing. In addition to using fresh mint leaves in tea, you can add them to soups, fruit salad or gazpacho. Peppermint essential oil is also widely available, as is peppermint extract in supplement form.

The essential oil is ideal for muscle and chest rubs, headache pain, dental care and aromatherapy. You can even add it to your homemade cleaning supplies for extra antimicrobial power and natural fragrance.

If you want to give the therapeutic properties of peppermint a try, simply add a drop or two of natural peppermint extract or a few crushed mint leaves into a glass of pure water (either iced or hot). For even more therapeutic punch, and with flu season upon us, try a tea made from a combination of elderflower, yarrow, boneset, linden, peppermint and ginger; drink it hot and often for combating a cold or flu. It causes you to sweat, which is helpful for eradicating a virus from your system.


Generation x :rise of the slacker: By Mark Metheny


mark_profileGeneration x: The rise of the slacker
March 5, 2012

I’m going to speak to a certain group of people now. This may appeal to others as well but I’m particularly speaking to the people of my generation, Generation X if you will. There is much debate about when the Generations actually start and end but I have correlated the different generations with their Pluto signs as I think each generation has their own power structure and their own mark to make on society. Pluto is the Planet [or Planetoid you choose ] that rules how we evolve as a society and individually.

 I have seen Gen X as starting anywhere from either side of 1965 going on through to as late as 1982.I put it as 10/20/1956 to 07/30/1972 But to narrow it down I am looking even more at the group with the tight Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo say from the dates 08/1962 to 12/1969.

We have been called slackers and spent a large part of our time nonconforming and raging against corporate America and other fun activities. It just so happens now that as many of us should be in the middle of our “careers” or easing into middle age it is our turn to step up to the plate and leave our mark as a generation.

Having spent much time disenchanted with the mainstream and ignoring marketing ploys sent to us through our tv’s and computers we are now staring down our futures and realizing that the world isn’t any less screwed up than when we first started ridiculing it. As a collective, our Generation is now being activated by retrograde mars running amok through Virgo which is activating said Uranus Pluto conjunction. Also, Chiron is back in Pisces which it was when those of us in the ballpark of 50 to either side was born. Thirdly Neptune, which rules our imagination is now in the sign of Pisces and starting to form an opposition to our natal Uranus Pluto conjunctions. Lastly, Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn forming a trine to our Uranus Pluto Natal conjunctions.

The people born between August of 1962 and December of 1969 are being awakened to make their mark in the world and help everyone heal on a physical and psychic level.

The Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the Birth charts for these people has lent itself to being very analytical and skeptical of information we are being told. I know few people in our age group that get their news from the mainstream media. I know many that are single, divorced, never been married or don’t have children, much more so than any other generation near us. I think this is good that we aren’t gullible or naïve and that we look into things for ourselves. However, this can breed a sense of constant inner dissatisfaction that can be hard to overcome. Are we too cynical for our own good?

This conjunction is being activated by Mars transit through Virgo. Mars went into Virgo November 9thof last year, turned retrograde on January 23rd of this year, will station and go forward on April 13thand finish its visit through Virgo the first week of July. Now Mars is very aggressive by nature and works on an instinctual level, Virgo is very analytical and anal retentive, to a fault sometimes, but great at fixing problems. When Mars is retrograde its energy is turned inwards, so Mars has a lot of things to fix while it’s in Virgo, but when the energy is turned inwards it becomes frustrating and irritable. It wants to fix many things and usually at the same time as the Virgo frenetic energy can work on many things simultaneously when undisturbed. This frustration leads to a sense of introspection to analyze what is worth doing and what is just busy work. Discriminate between what activities or battles are of value and what is just OCD. What is the fix for this?

As mentioned earlier Neptune and Chiron are both in the sign of Pisces and traveling very close together and they will be opposing the Uranus and Neptune in our charts in a couple years so now is the time to start visualizing or imagining [ Neptune ] what kind of a world we want to live in and what we want it to look like. Neptune is about faith and seeing the connectedness is all living things. We need a healthy balance between faith that there is a purpose to things that happen and skepticism. Too far to either side and you become delusional on one side and jaded on the other. We do have a purpose here sometimes it just takes a little while to find it.

Chiron is an Asteroid and it is known as the wounded healer and it’s where we get our ability to heal ourselves and others on a holistic level. Mind, body, soul. We must visualize ourselves as one cohesive unit and balance out the Virgo tendency to compartmentalize and over analyze. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces are about healing the schism between Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.

The last pieces were Pluto is in Capricorn, this is forming a Trine to Virgo which means they are harmonious energies and they are easily able to work together. Pluto is about transformation amongst other things and Capricorn is about self-accountability. We must hold ourselves as a group accountable for what we don’t like in the world even if we weren’t willfully complicit it is still ours to analyze [ Virgo ]what is wrong and help to fix [ Chiron ] it. We can either spin further out of control right now or we can seize this opportunity to overthrow [ Uranus ] the power structures [ Pluto ] we don’t like in our world by holding them accountable [ Capricorn ]. These may be inner or outer structures, they may be a controlling boss, an addiction, a Government, whatever is negatively controlling us. This is the time be the change in the world that we want to see.


Opening to Our Earth’s Sacredness Led by Gaia Communicator and Award-Winning Author, Mare Cromwell

MareOpening to Our Earth’s Sacredness
Led by Gaia Communicator and Award-Winning Author, Mare Cromwell

Online Course – Starts Weds, April 6th, 5pm PST (8pm EST)
Four 90 minute sessions on Wednesday nights, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20 and 4/27.


Cost: US$115

Send payment to: Paypal.me/matierra
Mare will send course information and payment details once she receives your email.

Our planet is sacred and conscious. She is Earth Mother and she is a powerful spiritual being unto herself. Indigenous peoples all over the world have honored Earth Mother for thousands of years. Their medicine people can communicate directly with her.

Earth Mother is calling us to remember her and come back into balance on her. She is yearning for us to reconnect with her deeply, from our hearts and our spirit bodies.

There is a New World being born right now and we can all be mid-wives in this birthing process by doing our spiritual and emotional (plus environmental) work and by connecting our love with Earth Mother’s Love more consciously. We can come home to Mother by our prayers, thoughts, and actions.

In a rich, experiential online course, Gaia Communicator and award-winning author Mare Cromwell will guide participants in a journey of Spirit and Joy as she shares wisdom and hands-on practical and spiritual approaches to “Loving our Planet” based on a professional background as a sustainability educator along with nineteen years of studies with Native American medicine people.

Within this course you will learn:
– Who Earth Mother is as a powerful spiritual consciousness.
– Her Quantum Divine Love for us.
– What is Earth Mother’s Role as Planetary Caretaker.
– An Intro to Earth Changes and the new Earth Mother transitioning in at this time.
– How to create a more Sacred Relationship with Earth Mother by doing specific spiritual exercises and other practices.
– Honoring the Nature Spirits as part of Earth Mother’s Sacred Community. Who are the Nature Spirits? What is their role? Ways to connect more with them.
– Sacred Gardening approaches honoring Earth Mother and the Nature Spirits.
– What happens when we are in more Sacred Relationship with Mother. How does she communicate with us?
– How to take the relationship more deeply.

The course will include a guided meditation to activate your spiritual connection with our Earth to a more powerful level. Mare has been leading events internationally and learned that many people’s awarenesses and capacity to tune into Earth Mother and nature spirits are woken up after experiencing one of her meditations.

The amount of Love that Earth Mother has for us is so huge that it is beyond words. To be bonded with her is so healing for us and for her. We will tap into that Love during the course and learn how to send our love back in numerous ways.

There will be practices, readings and assignments that will deepen your awareness of Earth Mother and your bond with her.

Join us to develop ways to be spiritually connected with our Planet Caretaker, beyond the beautiful actions of organic farming or growing herbs. Come learn how you can serve Mother for the highest good from a spiritual/energetic standpoint, and be a Seed for the New World being born these days.

Mare’s Bio:
Multi-award-winning author Mare Cromwell has been informed by several gifted Native medicine people that she is quite closely tuned in with Earth Mother. After downloading the spiritual messages in Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother in the summer of 2012, Mare received very clear spiritual guidance from Mother in the fall of 2013 to write The Great Mother Bible during the winter of 2014.

Mare Cromwell is also a nature mystic, intuitive empathic healer, plant communicator and international speaker. She has learned how to communicate with and offer ceremony to the trees, waters and others in the natural realms. Mare’s books are: The Great Mother Bible; Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother; and If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America. She has studied for nineteen years with Native American medicine people and is currently on hiatus from the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings. Mare calls Western Maryland home and is a former worm herder.

• Each class session includes teachings and question and answer time.

• Recordings of the classes will be available to listen to after each teaching.

• Online Community – An exclusive Facebook online community will be created to continue your learning after each class. You can ask additional questions, interact with other students and get access to additional resources to take the course to an even deeper level.

Testimonials from Mare’s Writing and Workshops

The “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” are such medicine to our soul … Your writings help me feel part of a wider community that honors, respects & venerates [Earth] Mother. – SL, Mexico

I’ve been reading your messages this morning, and you are just so special…I’ve never read anything like this, and I’ve read a LOT of spiritual writing over the years! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful wisdom with our readers, Mare… – Julia Melges-Brenner, editor of Kajama.org

It was a delightful time and I love your simplicity in your connection with the Mother. I am working with the Mother’s Love connection and it feels so good to connect more and more to our Earth Mother. I am very grateful and feel such grace after this experience with you. – MS, Holland

A month later I still have Mare’s message (actually Mother’s message) coming to mind when I quiet my mind and really listen. In these moments, I KNOW that I am loved and that I am already doing exactly what I should be doing at the moment. Thanks again for your love and inspiration. – F.O. Pennsylvania

David Two Crows

DTCI now have 3 books available for purchase. There are 2 ways to order one. You can purchase them individually online from Amazon.com or from my Createspace.com Estore. The price for each is $12.99. Alternately, you can get an autographed copy from me directly for $23 and I will send it to you via Priority Mail. If you buy 2 books from me, the price decreases to $20 each, and if you buy all 3, it drops to $50. That’s right, all three books, signed by me, sent by me to you directly, for $50. That’s my deal for you! Just PM me if you are interested. And happy reading!

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